Mt. Batur - With Lake Batur

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Here is another view of Mt. Batur, with Lake Batur, as viewed from Kintamani, from the terrace of a restaurant.  Talk about a restaurant with a view!  


This is an 180 degrees view.  The angle of the balustrade on the left and right plays a trick on the viewer.  The balustrade is in fact straight, running from left to right.  Try this "real life" experiment: sit on a straight line and pan your head 180 degrees from left to right.  When you start, the line appears straight in front of you, when you end the line appears again straight in front of you again (just like in the picture).   Our brain is not used with a complete 180 degree view (as in the panoramic picture presented here) and does not signal us that the line is straight.  Other animals (and birds) have a more panoramic vision than us and would not be tricked by the line that is straight, but seems at an angle.  Wish you were a bird?  (Poor horses, they put blinders on them so they can not see "panoramic views").  

Mt. Batur - With Lake Batur as viewed from Kintamani

(180 degree view)

Mt. Batur - With Lake Batur as viewed from Kintamani

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Mt. Batur - With Lake Batur as viewed from Kintamani
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