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This is the Eagle's Nest - Hitler's favorite mountain retreat.  If you are a history buff (as I am), you may have seen interesting World War 2 footage from the Eagle's Nest.  In fact, there is some rare color footage of home movies shot by Eva Braun.  I wanted to see for myself what the Eagle's Nest looked like.  And indeed, I was impressed by the location and by the view.


The small building was called "Eagle's Nest" by the Americans.  The Germans referred to it as "The Tea House".  


The Tea House (or Eagle's Nest) was Bormann's idea: it was a 50th birthday present for the Fuhrer!  It cost an enormous amount of money (30 Million Marks 1937), and cost many workers' lives.  


This view is a more focused on the Eagle's Nest and more dramatic.   The previous view is wider and gives a better feel of the layout.    

Kehlstein - Eagle's Nest - Hitler's favorite mountain retreat, view 2

(100 degree view)

Kehlstein - Eagle's Nest - Hitler's favorite mountain retreat, view 2

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Kehlstein - Eagle's Nest - Hitler's favorite mountain retreat, view 2
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