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Virtually all 2002 model-year (and after) DVD players play DVD-R's.
Most 2001 model-year will play DVD-R's, but not all.
2000 or earlier DVD players may, or may not, play DVD-R's.  If you are not sure if your DVD player will play DVD-R's, please order our Test DVD.  It is the safest method to insure compatibility.  If our Test DVD plays on your machine, you know for sure that the DVD's we will produce for you will play on your machine. 

WILL I BE ABLE TO EDIT VIDEO FROM YOUR DVD'S?  We do not encrypt our DVD's.  Does your video editing package import video from DVD's?  If in doubt, order our Test DVD below and test your setup.

Test Video DVD Request Form
bullet Play it safe.  Make sure your DVD player can play DVD-R's.  The Test Video DVD will determine if a DVD player can play DVD-R's.

The Test Video DVD is US$5.00.  (This offer only valid for US addresses)

bulletTo receive the Test Video DVD please fill out the form below, print it, and enclose US$5.00 (we prefer cash since the amount is so small).  (This offer only valid for US addresses)  Send to:

CVC Productions
Test Video DVD offer
2757 Park Royal Drive
Windermere, FL.   34786


Remember to enclose US$5.00.  (This offer only valid for US addresses)  

Please send the Test Video DVD
I enclosed US$5.00 with this order form.  (This offer only valid for US addresses)


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