PanViews DVD Transfers Guidelines

btzbul2a.gif (913 bytes)  Guidelines for Phone Support: Phone support is provided 9-5 Eastern Time, (M-F). The phones are answered by studio personnel. Studio time is very precious. We kindly ask that questions be limited to items that can not be found on the Web site. There is ample information on the site about pricing (including a price calculator), services offered, processes and policies, order tracking (including our Order Tracking System and automatic email notifications). Inquiring about the status of an order? Use our Order Tracking System instead of calling. Thanks.

btzbul2a.gif (913 bytes)  Guidelines for Email Support: Please read the Web site information before emailing. We answer email questions about items that can not be found on the Web site. We will answer your initial email plus one follow up. Will our return email reach you? (we will be unable to fill out spam-blocker approval request forms).

btzbul2a.gif (913 bytes)  Guidelines concerning Turnaround Time: "Normal" turnaround time is about 1 week or less. RUSH Services options are available.  "Normal" turnaround time is an average. Like a busy Interstate, we have peak times, traffic jams and light traffic days. Just as on a highway it is not productive to get stressed out or to yell and scream when the traffic is heavy, it is not productive to get stressed out if an order is caught in traffic and is not completed in the "average" turnaround time. It is in everybody's interest that each order is processed carefully. Phone or email inquiries about the status of an order clog the system and slow down everyone's order. Our on-line Order Tracking System provides detailed information, is free and automatic. (Please note that the STUDIO PROCESSING phase is the longest, and occasionally orders spend what seems like a long time there) We kindly ask our customers to use the on-line Order Tracking System instead of calling for status updates. "Normal turnaround" too long? Use our RUSH Service for 4 work days (72 or 48 hours) turnaround time.

 btzbul2a.gif (913 bytes)  Email Communication:  It is essential that we have good email communication with our clients. Email is our preferred form of communication. Because of various email filters we are having increasing trouble communicating via email and you may never see our email answer to your question. Please be sure to open a clear path for email from our domains to reach you (we will be unable to fill out spam-blocker approval request forms, etc.). Incidentally, we do not maintain or sell mailing lists, so you do not have to fear that we will use your email for SPAM.

btzbul2a.gif (913 bytes)  Please only send orders with payment.  Please do not send orders without payment or with the annotation "call me for payment".  Although we appreciate all orders we receive, orders that commit us to making phone calls or writing emails/letters require additional resources and will be charged a $14.25 admin fee for collecting payment info. 

btzbul2a.gif (913 bytes)  Please do not send orders with the annotation "call me to discuss...".  Although we appreciate all orders we receive, orders that commit us to making phone calls or writing emails/letters require additional resources and will be charged a $14.25 admin fee.  If you have special issues or concerns it is best to contact us (by email or phone) and clarify your issues or concerns before sending in the order. 


Formats we can transfer (convert) to DVD:

Video tape formats:



DV and miniDV (NTSC or PAL)

Digital 8 (NTSC or PAL)

Hi8 and video8 (NTSC or PAL)


Beta (Betamax) (NTSC, SECAM or PAL)

ED Beta (Extended Definition Beta EDBeta) (NTSC)

SuperBeta (NTSC, SECAM or PAL)

Beta SP (Betacam SP) (NTSC)

Video Disc formats:


LaserDisc (NTSC or PAL)

VCD (Video CD) (NTSC or PAL)

FREE conversion PAL (or SECAM) to NTSC or NTSC (or SECAM) to PAL.  If your transfer to DVD involves changing from PAL/SECAM to NTSC (or vice versa), we do not charge for the standards conversion.  (NTSC is the television standard used in North America, PAL is used in Europe and much of the world, SECAM is used in France and other countries) 

You may submit your master in either PAL, SECAM VHS/BETA or NTSC.  (NOTE: selected formats are available only in NTSC.  Please see Formats)  

You may order your final DVD in either NTSC or PAL.  Same price.

The message below is updated each time there is a change in the status of our service.  If you wonder if we are in business, the answer is: Yes we are, and this is the status of our service:

:   Operating at 100%

We are accepting new orders and providing phone and email support.  Orders already into the system, as well as new orders, will be processed in order received, in the shortest possible time.  For 1 week turnaround (or 72 hours), please use one of our RUSH Service options.
We thank all our clients for your tremendous support!
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