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Step by step instructions on how to download and install for free QTVR (QuickTime VR)


Click for Free Download (Apple QuickTime site)


Look at the bottom of the page for "Download the free player"


Fill out form, then click on "Download QuickTime"


In the File Download box, select "Run this program from its current location"


Click "Yes" to the Security Warning


Select the "Minimum" install option and go with the default for the next prompts


When the installation is finished, return to the page with our QuickTime VR movie and click "Refresh" on the browser


If the download and installation were successful, you should see a picture and are ready to experience your QuickTime Virtual Reality movie


The controls are simple:

Click, hold, and move the mouse to move left, right, up and down


Press Shift to move forward (zoom in)


Press Ctrl to move out (zoom out)

Have fun!

P.S.  Please remember that our QuickTime VR movies are protected by copyright.  The downloads may only be used for personal and non-commercial purposes.  Any other use may only be granted by written agreement.

Transfer your Travel Videos to DVD

The quality of our transfers to DVD is outstanding!
Our transfers to DVD do not suffer from "generation loss" problems.  On the contrary!



- Short life: Tape has a very limited life  
- Wear:  Each tape play shortens the life of the tape  
- Machines "eat" tape!  

- Long life: DVD's have a shelf life of over 100 years
- No wear:  DVD's can be played back an unlimited number of times


Question: I found some old wire recordings in a box. Do you know anyone who has the equipment to play them and record them to CD?
Answer: Yes, this company can transfer your old wire recordings to CD:

Sound Restoration and Transfer to CD Service
Best prices, including sound restoration.  Go to

Question: I saw "Quadraphonic" (or "QUAD").  What is that?

Videos converted to CD (VCD) - NTSC or PAL Back in the 70's (and early 80's) a format was developed for playback in 4 channels. It was called "The greatest sensation of the music world!". 

bullet The listener was surrounded by music, quite a great sensation. Unfortunately, because of lack of standardization (there were several competing formats, incompatible with each other) and costly equipment the format never became very popular and was abandoned. The format was ahead of its time. Later we all were accustomed to "surround sound", more recently 5.1 formats such as "Dolby Digital AC-3" and "DTS". 
bullet The AVConvert/QUAD web site offers transfers to CD of these Quadraphonic (Quad) recordings to a modern format (DTS of Dolby Digital AC-3). Here's the link:




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