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Easy instructions on how to download for free our Panoramic Views (PANviews)


Place your mouse cursor on any of the pictures


Right click (click the right mouse button)


Select Save Picture As and click


You will be presented with a dialog box titled Save Picture


Navigate your hard drive(s) to a convenient location


Optional: you may change the name of the file at this time, or leave the suggested name


Optional: you may change the type of file (to .bmp) or leave it as is (.jpg)


Click on Save (or hit Enter)

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P.S.  Please remember that our Panoramic Pictures are protected by copyright.  The downloads may only be used for personal and non-commercial purposes.  Any other use may only be granted by written agreement.  Please read TERMS.


Transfer your Travel Videos to DVD

The quality of our transfers to DVD is outstanding!
Our transfers to DVD do not suffer from "generation loss" problems.  On the contrary!



- Short life: Tape has a very limited life  
- Wear:  Each tape play shortens the life of the tape  
- Machines "eat" tape!  

- Long life: DVD's have a shelf life of over 100 years
- No wear:  DVD's can be played back an unlimited number of times


Question: I found some old gramophone records in the attic. They are very old, from the 1910's-1920's. Do you know anyone who has the equipment to play them and record them to CD?
Answer: There are 2 companies that can transfer your old gramophone records to CD:

Sound Restoration and Transfer to CD Service  
Best prices, including sound restoration.  Go to

Extreme Quality Audio Conversions - Restorations, transfers to CD  
Extreme Quality Conversions for audiophiles.  Go to

Question: Can Video CD's (VCD's) be played back on ANY computer?

Videos converted to CD (VCD) - NTSC or PAL Yes, you can play Video CD's on any computer. All Windows computers come with Windows Media Player. No other specialized equipment is required. Upgrading to the newest version of Windows Media Player is always one click away. Here's the link:


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